Here’s all the life lessons we learned binge watching all the Harry Potter movies in one go

Harry Potter‘ is a sacred part of our childhood and we reckon we’d be hard pressed to find anyone that disagreed. We’ve seen Harry’s life unfold before our eyes both on page and on the big screen and, although he’s by no means perfect, we think there are a lot of hella important life lessons Harry and JK Rowling have taught us. So we thought why not binge watch them all and give you some words of wisdom to rule your life by?

The complete running hour of the ‘Harry Potter’ films in their entirety is 19 hours and 40 minutes. It goes without saying then that a ‘HP’ marathon is no task for the weak. But, equipped with our brand spanking new boxset which was kindly sent to us, we feel up for the challenge.

Plus, we’re Potterheads until we die, so, really, how hard can it be?


‘The Philsopher’s Stone’: Ah, the nostalgia. We once owned this bad boy on VHS and it’s just as good now as it was the first time we watched it all those years ago.

As the first instalment of Harry’s turbulent years at Hogwarts there is an abundance of important messages. The main one, we think, is finding the value in true friendships.

‘Chamber of Secrets’: Onto film number two and the wonders of a personified whomping willow… And flying cars, of course.

What did the return of Tom Riddle teach us? Well, you probably shouldn’t go messing with magical inanimate objects that you don’t understand. Harry also began to realise the prejudice against muggle borns that existed and the fact that that is not OK. Everyone is valid.


By this point in our marathon our sanity levels were pretty stable. Tbh, we’ve been known to watch at least two ‘Harry Potter’ films in a row before. Generally that’s actually how we keep sane in the first place, especially in our rather depressing, non-magical world.

Onto the next film…

‘Prisoner of Azkaban’: Harry has fam, he has fam! And not the Aunt that he made more than morbidly obese.

In the third instalment, we learn that sometimes things simply aren’t black and white; they can’t always be categorised into good or evil. Sirius Black was presumed to be a murder, but that fact turned out to be false. Remus Lupin — perhaps one of our fave ‘HP’ characters ever, God rest his soul — actually moonlights as a werewolf and so, by default, should be a baddie. But, yes you’ve guessed it, isn’t. He’s a humungous bae actually.

‘Goblet of Fire’: Perhaps the bombest ‘HP’ film there is. Maybe. OMG, we can’t pick — they’re like our children.

A similar theme to the third movie, we think ‘Goblet of Fire’ has a lot to do with team work and working together even when everyone else is trying to make it a competition. Harry helps not only Cedric Diggory, and vice versa, but also assists Fleur in retrieving her sister from The Great Lake. (And from then on we also became in love with Harry’s name pronounced in a French accent. ‘Arreh… 😍)


Ngl, we were getting a little fidgety at this point and in definite need of some snacks and a toilet break. Did we do all this whilst humming the iconic ‘Harry Potter’ theme? …Maybe.

‘Order of the Phoenix’: Otherwise known as Taylor Swift’s entourage but the more badass witches and wizards version, obvs.

We think a key message in the fifth film of Harry Potter’s battle against Voldemort is that sometimes there is corruption in our authority figures and that, in life, there will be times where you have fight against everything you’ve known. Powerful stuff, right?!

‘Half Blood Prince’: AKA our fave book of the franchise, but the most disappointing film. Soz, it’s just our opinion, OK?

In this one we actually learned an awful lot about storytelling and were blown away by the attention JK Rowling has shown to the story she’d been crafting. All those standalone events from previous school years were actually being slowly woven together to create something truly inspired. And, forgive us for being cheesy AF, we also think ‘HBP’ teaches us a lot about love and its many different forms.


And so ‘The Final Countdown’ plays us into our final stretch of ‘HP’ wonderfulness. Now, we’re not gunna lie to you… We may have had to save the final two for the following day. Unfortunately we’ve got responsibilities. Yawn. Adulting is hard.

But at least it means we got to enjoy the final movies and not want to pull every last hair out of our head.

‘Deathly Hallows Pt 1 & 2’: They may as well have renamed this one and called it ‘ALL OF OUR TEARS’, because we get dead emosh. Every. Single. Time.

Between our fave wizards dropping left, right and centre — not to mention birds, house elves and our fave twins — we struggled to look past all the heartbreak we were experiencing and find sacred life lessons.

The thing is, we think ‘Deathly Hallows’ encompassed all those we’d learned along the way — and then some. ‘Deathly Hallows’ taught us to be courageous and fearless in the face of evil, to make sacrifices for what we believe in and never let any amount of prejudice, judgement or otherwise determine who we are. Neville defied expectation, whilst Hermione never censored herself in order to be what society imposed upon her.


So OK, we may have gone slightly mad watching all the ‘Harry Potter’ films back to back, but we’re also now 100% prepared to dive back into the books and never leave the Wizarding World of Harry Potter ever again. It’s, uh, magic.

Are you as diehard a fan as we are? Of course you are. Comment below or tweet @maximumpop with your fave film and something HP himself has taught you.

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