Merlin’s beard! These 42 Harry Potter facts will leave you shocked

WTF?! You’ve gotta see Dolores Umbridge’s house

It’s been Pottermania this week. To celebrate ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone’ turning 20, we’ve been posting a whole bunch of Harry Potter themed content that’s almost as exciting as Harry catching the golden snitch for the first time.

We asked a Harry Potter newbie to read ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone’ 20 years on and even put together over 100 Harry Potter-themed quizzes for you to play. Now, to end the week, we thought it was time to indulge in a bit of Harry Potter trivia.

Maximum Pop! have rounded up 42 unofficially official Harry Potter “facts” that you can share with all your fellow Potterheads. They’re all super lol and will make you feel way smarter than the Sorting Hat. Just don’t tell Dumbledore we said that, okay?!

So, without further ado, there are some “facts” that will leave your Potter brain mind blown. Enjoy, witches and wizards.

1. The last day of filming was over 7 years ago now

2. It’s wasn’t uncommon for some HP scenes to be filmed over 90 times

3. Robert Pattinson prefers Cedric to Edward

4. Fawkes lived with Dumbledore for at least 59 years

5. Tom Felton loves a good snack

4. Rupert is mentioned in the 6th Harry Potter book

5. Cho did find love

6. The books are obviously better than the movies

7. Alan Rickman played the best prank on Daniel Radcliffe

8. Over 6 different people have played Voldemort

9. Harry Potter is one of the most used phrases in the series

10. A Galleon is £5

11. Ron says bloody hell a lot

12. Umbridge’s “house” is pure lol

13. Dan is becoming more and more like Harry as the years go on

14. The Chamber Of Secrets is one of the biggest Harry Potter sets

15. These are the first and the last lines of Harry Potter

16. Lee Jordan gave the BEST Quidditch commentary

17. Hermione is based on J.K. Rowling

18. Our favourite duo don’t like textbooks

19. Albus Potter shared Lily’s characteristics

20. There’s a Harry Potter alphabet

21. It took months for the owls on set to be trained

22. Dan actually hates Quidditch

23. Lord Voldemort was defeated on 2nd May

24. J.K. once drew all the Harry Potter characters

25. It look 5 years for J.K. to finish the first book

26. Charlie never got married

27. Dan has never watched the first film

28. Some wizards actually missed their Hogwarts letter

29. There were over 160 pairs of Harry’s glasses

30. Ron Weasley is the gift that keeps on giving

31. House Points were recorded in a very special way

32. Rupert caused mayhem on set

33. There was a naked Draco scene

34. The twins have a very special birthday

35. George never gets over this brother’s death

36. Harry has some brilliant lines…

37. Tom and Minerva were at Hogwarts together

38. Dogs love Harry Potter too

39. Matthew Lewis is the king of puberty

40. The cast have a group Whatsapp

41. There’s 772 characters in Harry Potter

42. There are 1,090,739 words in the book

Did you like them? Share your Harry Potter facts in the comments below. 

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