N’awww! 1D’s Harry says relationship with bandmates is ‘absolutely insane’

We do love a good bromance but Harry Styles has just taken it to a whole new level by saying it’s ‘incredible’ how they all get on so well.

Speaking to Australia’s 60 Minutes he also mentioned how lucky he is that they all get on and that “The relationship that I’ve grown with these four boys who I didn’t know three years ago is absolutely insane, and it’s incredible. I am very lucky that I get to spend so much time with them.” N’aaawww! 1dbond

If you go back four years to a time before One Direction (it’s hard to remember), they were all thrown together during Bootcamp on the X Factor so none of them knew each other before. We are pretty pleased that they have managed to form such a strong bond and are still going strong as we get closer to the release of their fourth studio album (funnily enough) titled ‘Four’, which is out next month.

Well lets hope they can all stay besties so we can have One Direction for many more years to come.

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