Another week, another exciting instalment of ‘Harry Potter and the Cursed Child’ news

Yep, there have been more exciting developments in the wizarding world of the West End. We kind of assumed we wouldn’t be hearing anything else for a little while after the unveiling of the wands and, you know, the small fact that Draco Malfoy is back! But there have been more exciting things happening over on Twitter and we’re here to scream about it to all of you, obvs!


Really, we shouldn’t be surprised that there’s been yet more news of the magical variety. With the first performance of ‘Harry Potter and the Cursed Child‘ a little over a month away, they were bound to step it up a notch with the glimpses they’ve been giving us.

First we got to go behind the scenes of rehearsals with none other than JK Rowling herself.

Then we got a sneak peak of some of the set design. Eek!

OK, we know they’re just suitcases, but they’re probably magical suitcases and we think they look pretty cool anyway.

And then this tweet happened and we sort of definitely lost our chill…

It’s happening, it’s happening! It’s really, really happening! The Palace Theatre is being given a fresh face and we are buzzing to see ‘Harry Potter and the Cursed Child’ all up in glittery, golden lights.

Make sure you’re keeping up to date on all the ‘HP meets the West End’ shenanigans by following the official Twitter account, and let us know what you think about all this over on @maximumpop too.

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