15 of the weirdest Niall Horan birthday gift ideas. #HappyBirthdayNiall

Niall Horan is celebrating his 21st Birthday. Yes, you heard us right. Our favourite Irish snowflake is turning 21 years old on the 13th of September.  This calls for a celebration only true Directioners can endure.


So, in true MP style, we thought it necessary to bring you a tribute of 15 of the finest merchandise we could find: Niall style. Enjoy.

The Niall Horan Cupcake . Who doesn’t want to eat Niall? Just add these pretty decorations to give your cakes some pizzazz.


Broken something? Never fear, this Niall Horan Duck Tape will do the trick.

How about the Niall Horan Can Cooler: Now you can take your favourite drink and favourite 1D member everywhere you go.

1d can cooler

How about a singing doll? Quite a fitting voodoo doll  victim… Or why not add a some Niall nail stickers to your polish to give them that something extra? They’re all the rage don’t you know.Niall nails

Give your hair the glamour it deserves with these ugh-dorable  Niall Bows. Or perhaps add to you look with this ‘Niall Horan flavoured’ lip gloss. Just imagine the taste of those smackers…

If the bows weren’t enough, try these Niall ribbons too. Very eye catching.

1d hair ribbon

How about these stylistic ‘Future Mrs Niall Horan’ pants ?

Niall horan pants

Ever dreamed of sleeping next to Niall? We know we have. That’s why we’re buying this personalised pillow. Or you can try falling asleep by listening to their new album ‘Four’ through these Niall headphones? I’m sure they’ll be quite the ear candy.

Niall Headphones

We’re pretty sure Niall’s half eaten toast is still out there somewhere …

But wait there’s more: no room is complete without a life-size Niall mural.

Niall Wall mural

But no party is complete without 1D bunting. Bring on the disco lights.

Finally, who can resist the party buffet? Not us. That’s why we bring goodie bags for all the leftovers.

1d sweet bags


We never though we’d need these things, but turns out we do. So go ahead; Niallify  your life to your hearts content.

Happy Birthday Nialler.

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