Happy 23rd Birthday Jedward! Let’s celebrate with a JedwardTV marathon.


Our favourite pop twins have turned 23 today.. Yes, 23!! Where has the time gone? We’ve been on a JedwardTV marathon and we’re going to celebrate their birthday by going through some of the best Jedward videos. 23 of them to be exact. Let’s go.

We’ll start at the beginning with one of their first ever videos. POP! When we first started to see their creative sides . Aww babies.

2. How can one person be so cute dressed as a monster simply saying ‘BING!’ for 2 minutes?

3. 20 seconds of cuteness of John and their dog Fiji Mouse.

4. We love that the twins are fangirls just like us! Look at them meeting one of our faves Miss Taylor Swift.

5. 3 of our fave things. Sweets, John and Edward. Mmm.

6. John’s slightly weird side. We wonder what Edward was doing whilst John was busy talking to himself?

7. ‘The taste of rocks and mud, it just doesn’t get any better than this.’

8. The awkward moment you try to befriend a cat and it runs away from you… So you chase the cat. Poor kitty!!

9. We can’t have a top 23 videos with none of Jedward’s many many covers. Little Things has to be our fave.

10 and 11. When Jedward became Darry Potter. If you haven’t seen their Darry videos. YOU NEED TO WATCH THEM. Full of hilarious craziness.

12. Jedward and animals just make the world a much happier place. Maybe that’s why this little bird flew into their hotel room.

13. Even Donkey is a fan!!

14. We’ve said this before but.. John’s dancing is hypnotising.

15. ‘His name is John and my name is Edward..’ Do we need to say more?

16. We can’t not add this one in. Edward being adorable with a cat! Taylor Swift would approve.

17. Edward has some junk in his trunk. Make sure to check out the 500,000 follower video too!

18. John looking after Edward when he was in hospital. What a cutie.

19. Dip dip dip… Dip dip dip… Dip your coooookie.

20. This is probably one of the best 4 second videos ever.

21. We wonder how the idea for this came up? Hey, I know let’s put our dog in a box!!

22. No description is needed for this.

23. And of course last but not least, our video interview with the boys.

Ahh. We could watch Jedward videos all day. They make the world a brighter place. Happy Birthday Jedward!

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Written by Gemma Calvert

Gemma loves Jedward, but don't hold that against her. This whizz kid has been on Maximum Pop! for over a year and manages the MP! social channels, in English that means she's the boss of our Twitter and Facebook. She works all hours for nothing much than hugs and cookies. Say hello to her on Twitter.

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