It’s time to make notes, because Hannah Witton has been dishing out tips on ‘Doing It’

If you didn’t already know, Hannah Witton is writing a book. Yes, the queen of all things feminism and sex ed is putting all of her A+ knowledge into one gloriously empowering book filled with hilarious anecdotes and important info we could all do with knowing when it comes to our bodies and sex.


Who needs crappy sex education in school when we have Hannah, right? Right!

The book will be aptly named ‘Doing It’ and we are more than a little bit excited. More so now that Hannah has uploaded a video to her YouTube channel answering all our questions on her writing process.

Unsurprisingly, her tips were pretty ace, so we thought we’d do you a service and compile them into one neat list.

  • How to deal with writer’s block? Just keep writing. Force yourself through it. Something on the page after 30 minutes is better than nothing at all.
  • Hannah keeps her bedroom a laptop free zone and instead writes at her kitchen table. This creates a more productive routine.
  • Musicals are great. Use their soundtracks as a bit of background noise whilst you write.
  • Writing something real that you’ve genuinely experienced is quite cathartic. (That’s what we got from the whole break up thing — we’ll date you, Hannah!)
  • With structure, Hannah and her team initially decided what topics they wanted included in the book and then moved bits and bobs around as Hannah has gradually been writing the book.

Hannah also revealed in the comments that ‘Doing It’ will be out in spring 2017. We’re marking our calendars as we speak!

Are you as excited for ‘Doing It’ as we are? Tweet us @maximumpop. If you’re not, you definitely should be. Hannah is an absolute babe, we love her.

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