Hip-hop meets history on Broadway with ‘Hamilton’ the musical

Broadway’s newest and hottest ticket, ‘Hamilton’, has been making headlines after winning a Grammy only 6 months after premiering and for being one of the only shows of its kind. ‘Hamilton’ came from the mastermind behind ‘In the Heights’, Lin-Manuel Miranda, who also plays the show’s title character, Alexander Hamilton. The show follows the story of America’s ‘founding father without a father’, Alexander Hamilton, and is based on a biography Manuel read while at an airport. The show’s music combines hip-hop with traditional showtunes to create a live performance that anyone (even someone who hates theatre) will love, and we got the chance to see it in New York City *screams*.

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We approached the Richard Rodgers Theatre in New York’s theatre district with tons of excitement, and all of the lyrics memorised. When we got in every seat was literally filled, and Glee star Lea Michele was sitting 5 rows in front of us! We were finally in the room where it all happens…

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The show opens up with a smashing performance of ‘Alexander Hamilton’, which you may have seen on The Grammys, and each song flows seamlessly after another for the rest of Act I and Act II. There is little dialogue in ‘Hamilton’, but that makes it even more impressive (the show has 46 songs). Some of our favourites included ‘The Schuyler Sisters’, ‘Helpless’, ‘Guns and Ships’, ‘One Last Time’ ‘Say No to This’ and yeah, basically every song in the show.

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So, be sure not to throw away your shot at seeing ‘Hamilton’ as it is already one of the most cutting edge musicals of all time. The cast is undoubtably brilliant, and the show is quickly becoming a worldwide phenomenon. ‘Hamilton’ is exhilarating, entertaining, and after you see it once you will never be satisfied until you see it again!

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