Halsey has deactivated her Twitter because people think it’s OK to cyberbully. It’s not.

Social media can be pretty great, but sometimes there are nasty people online who think it’s ok to send hate and death threats. It’s not.


Halsey unfortunately had to deactivate her Twitter account because of trolls who compared her mental health situation to Kehlani, the singer who revealed on Instagram that she had attempted suicide. Tbh Halsey has been a target for online bullies since day 1, which isn’t cool.

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She’s yet to come back to Twitter, although her account briefly reappeared this morning and we’d really enjoy her back in our lives again! Halsey has had a ton of support online this weekend, including a tweet from 5SOS babe Ashton Irwin.

Come back soon girlie, all of us here at MP! and your amazing Twitter followers love you.


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