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Halsey’s ‘Now or Never’ has been out for less than 48 hours! Can you name EVERY SINGLE LYRIC?!

It’s now or never…

If you’re anything like us you’ve probably watched Halsey’s brand new video for ‘Now or Never’ a few dozen 89278 times.

It was released less than 48 hours ago, but ugh…. it’s soooo good! Those ‘Romeo and Juliet’ aesthetics are pure Instagram. Plus the song is bloomin’ catchy.

Lol! Obviously, we’ve been fangirling SO hard, since the release. But, for those who don’t know (um…. where the heck have you been?!), we’ll give you a brief recap.

Yesterday, Halsey posted the video for her latest single, ‘Now or Never’ on Twitter. The song is taken from her forthcoming album ‘Hopeless Fountain Kingdom’, which is due out 2nd June, and the video marks her directorial debut.

How fancy!

This is what it looks like…

And this is how we’ve ALL been reacting.




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Halsey just made her fans cry by doing the SNEAKIEST thing!

How much of a Halsey fan are you, though?! Have you learnt every single lyric to ‘Now or Never’ yet?! Prove it!

All you’ve got to do is type the first 300 words of Halsey’s latest track in the box below – just make sure you include a space after the word, otherwise it won’t register.

You’ve got 10 minutes, good luck!

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