We caught Halsey at her first ever UK show and she blew our socks off.

If you’ve been living under a rock, you might not be aware that Halsey just played her first ever UK show at the O2 Islington Academy, we were lucky enough to bag ourselves some tickets after the show sold out within minutes and had to be upgraded to a larger venue (and another show got added too!) before she’d even released ‘Badlands’

The venue was almost completely full before the support act Matt Wills had even come onto the stage; the crowd was buzzing with excitement, and we have to say it was one of the LOUDEST crowds we’ve ever experienced, even Halsey agrees.

Halsey opened the show with ‘Gasoline’ off her debut album ‘Badlands’ following up with ‘Hold Me Down’ and ‘Castles’. When it came to ‘Castles’, Halsey gave us a backstory of how she came around to writing 3 of the songs from ‘Badlands’. She was staying in a castle in Wales, bathing in a tub of wine. Pretty cool right?

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She then went on to perform a bunch of songs from her album, including ‘Drive’, ‘Roman Holiday’ (a major fan favourite), ‘Haunting’, and ‘Control’. Halsey was teasing us with a performance of ‘Ghost’, the song that catapulted her into stardom. The crowd went WILD for ‘Ghost’ and you could even see how much Halsey was enjoying it with a massive smile on her face the entire time.


Throughout the entire show, Halsey was having little chats with us here and there and she even said she just wishes she could talk to us all day, how sweet! She told us she was about to perform her most favourite song she’s every written, ‘Is There Somewhere’ which features on the ‘Room 93’ EP. This song is a little different from the album, it’s slower and somewhat emotional.


Halsey carried on with 3 songs from ‘Badlands’, which are definitely some of the most popular, as the crowd sang the words back to her during ‘Colors’, ‘Hurricane’ & ‘New Americana’. She swiftly left the stage before the crowd chanted for her to come back. She came back very quickly for her encore of ‘Young Gods’.

Halsey is honestly one of the most genuine artists we’ve seen live. Her vocals were constantly on point and the crowd interaction was refreshing. We highly recommend seeing her when she next hits the UK (or your country), although beware she likes to swear quite a lot!



We’re ready for the next tour.


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