From broke to Sherman Oaks, life hasn’t always been a walk in the park for Halsey

Halsey is a rising star and she’s about to take over the world; to start the world domination, you’d need a base and she’s just recently moved into her own home in L.A. with a bunch of buddies. It even has a pool!

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But things weren’t always a piece of cake. In an interview with Nylon, the singer mentioned she had a few rough years when she was just known as Ashley Frangipane, a broke teen who used to couch surf with those friends she now lives with, and struggle to make ends meet. She said, “There were definitely points where we’d be like, ‘We dead-ass can’t eat.’”

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However, Halsey turned it all around with the release of ‘Ghost’ and she’s showing us success is possible no matter what situation you might be in and now she’s living life up Sherman Oaks and we’re sure she’ll be buying pads all over the world, New York is probably next on her list.

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