We bet you can’t look at this Halloween nail art trend without wincing

We know Halloween is still weeks away but we’re SO OBSESSED with it and there’s no such thing as being too over-prepared, right?


We recently showed you the terrifying ‘Knifeliner‘ trend, but now we’ve discovered an even more frightening one and it’s definitely not for the fainthearted. If you’re squeamish, look away now.

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NOOOOO. This stuff is what our nightmares are made of.

The talented nail artist behind it all captioned the video, “I am SO sorry if this freaks anyone out! I don’t get the chance to post gory nails (or lack thereof) during the rest of the year, Halloween is my chance to go all out!”

A video posted by PiggieLuv (@narmai) on

Are you wincing yet? We’re legit sat here peeking through the gaps in our fingers. If you feel like recreating the look for Halloween (or just fancy freaking everyone out), here’s exactly what she did.

“I used a fake injury kit I bought last year at a local party supply store. All I had to do was put some wax on the tip of my finger and mould it into shape, give it some colour with the colour wheel that was included, and I used a fake nail to make the shape of the nails/cuticles.”

There you have it. We’re never gonna be able to look at our nails the same way again, but at least we’ll have the best costume of the night.

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