These classic scary stories basically taught us the most important lessons EVER

Halloween + scary stories = a match made in heaven. 


Blogger Bethany is going to share the life lessons she got from classic scary stories – you should pay attention. This might save you on this spooky, unpredictable day…

Halloween is a time for getting scared out of your wits but perhaps it’s time to learn some other life skills from your terror….

Just Because You Can Doesn’t Mean You Should (Frankenstein)

Showing off your skills can be brilliant. Everyone likes to feel clever and talented however there is a limit to this.  Sometimes, maybe, the best ideas just shouldn’t actually be put into practice. This is especially true if your idea involves illicit body parts! Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein” (a Doctor) brings a bunch of corpse bits to life as a massive man and it causes him a lot of trouble.   Sometimes it is better to just stick to scrapbooking!


Don’t Move in with Strangers in a Strange Country Without Checking it all out First (Dracula)

Travelling the world is everybody’s dream. We all think about gallivanting around Europe, or perhaps the whole world; a great plan but maybe its time to think twice about just turning up at stranger’s houses! I mean, look what happened to Jonathan Harker in Bram Stoker’s famed gothic novel ‘Dracula’. Yes, the house was big and roomy but the Count himself wasn’t exactly world’s best person to spend time with! At least check Tripadviser first or you may end up on the holiday from hell too!

 Don’t Take Food from Strangers (The Goblin Market)

Yes, I know your parents probably taught you this one and, that technically ‘The Goblin Market’ is a poem, rather than a short story, but it is a narrative poem that is as long as most short stories, so it counts! Originally from folklore, the idea of not taking food from strangers and definitely not from fairy folk is well known. Christina Rossetti’s ‘The Goblin Market’ shows what happens when you make this mistake. If you eat the food of goblins everything you eat other than goblin food turns to ash in your mouth and you become sick, mentally unstable and almost completely incurable.  Maybe just sneak a snack from home into your handbag instead – or pick up chips on the way home!


Don’t Let Strangers in Through the Window (Wuthering Heights)

We all like to be good Samaritans. I’m sure if we saw a young, cold looking woman outside the window we’d think about letting her in, but don’t. If Emily Bronte’s ‘Wuthering Heights’ taught me anything it’s that letting them in does more harm than good. They’ll turn out to be a ghost and just make everyone miserable, especially your landlord. Best to keep the windows shut and draw the curtains. Ignore the knocking noises – its just the wind….

 Just Because They Are Pretty on the Outside Doesn’t Make Them Pretty on the Inside (Dorian Gray)

Everyone has looked up to the popular and the pretty once in their lives –  you may have even been one of them yourself. However, just because someone is gorgeous, talented and amazing doesn’t mean they are kind or in any way morally decent; in fact, they might just turn out to be evil. Oscar Wilde’s ‘The Picture of Dorian Gray’ shows this better than anything else. They may be beautiful and charming, but they also may have skeletons in their closet or even a massive, rotting painting in the attic!


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Written by Sophie Waters

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