Amazing (Nearly) Album Alert: We get an exclusive listen to Hailee Steinfeld’s ‘HAIZ’.

Hailee Steinfeld releases her debut EP ‘HAIZ’ this Friday but, because she loves  us so much, she’s given us an exclusive first listen to it and it’s so good that we can’t not tell you all about it. Get ready to love her and love yourselves with ‘HAIZ’ this winter.

Track 01: Love Myself

The debut single that first properly launched Hailee into the music industry. It hasn’t really blown up in the UK yet so if you haven’t heard it make sure you listen below. It’s one of the catchiest songs we’ve heard all year and the “la la la la” bits will stay with you FOREVER – 10/10.

Track 02: You’re Such A

Another huge pop song that has more of an urban feel to it, we could definitely imagine Tori Kelly performing this. Like Little Mix in ‘Hair’,  Hailee almost says “dick” but changes her mind last minute. Dick songs are doing quite well this year aren’t they? – 7/10.

Track 03: Rock Bottom

This one’s a bit slower but it’s still easy to sing along to and even have a bit of a dance. Hailee’s vocal talents are really showcased on this track. We think it’d make a great second single, especially just after Christmas – 8/10.

Track 04: Hell No’s and Headphones

A song about not liking house parties – we get it Hailee, we’d rather be in bed YouTubing One Direction too. It’s not as pop as the rest of the EP but it’s still a great track. We’re sure we’ll be still be singing along to it in a few hours to come – 6/10.

Hailee’s debut offering is a stellar effort. ‘Love Myself’ is still an absolute corker and now we have three other tracks to add to our quite lonely ‘AMAZING HAILEE STEINFELD SONGS’ Spotify playlist. Just hurry up and give us a full album will you Haiz? – 31/40.

Hailee Steinfeld releases ‘HAIZ’ on November 13.

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