10 Reasons Gwenda Bond loves Lois Lane

Author of ‘Lois Lane: Fall Out’, Gwenda Bond, shares with us her top 10 reasons for why she loves the ace journalist from the Superman comics.

1.lois-lane_353Just about everything. But I guess I need to be more specific… ;) First off, that Lois Lane has managed to be relevant, beloved, and important since 1938.

2. Lois is funny, and in pretty much all her incarnations she talks as fast as she thinks??which is fast enough to skewer any target she wants.

3. Lois can be self?deprecating, but she never downplays her own accomplishments. She lets herself be proud of getting the story or taking down evil.

4. She’s fiercely loyal and protective of those she cares about.

Lois Lane

5. Just the idea of Lois Lane, going up against bad guys armed with only a trusty notepad and her wits, is an inspiration, a reminder that every single one of us can do important work.

6. She’s never going to do something just because someone else wants her to.

7. She has this dreamy boy she’s interested in who would never devalue what she does or doubt what she’s capable of. (And who sends her pictures of baby cows.)

8. She’s brave and fearless in pursuing the truth and protecting the weak, even though she doesn’t have superpowers to protect her.

9. She’s not always as tough as she projects, which somehow means that in reality she’s even tougher.

10. Lois Lane is not putting up with any of the world’s nonsense.

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Written by Laura Fulton

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