‘Spark The Fire’: This is what Gwen Stefani’s new single artwork looks like…

The platinum-blonde pop icon has announced a new single, enticingly titled ‘Spark The Fire’ and this is the utterly bonkers (in a good way) artwork that goes with it.

Gwen Stefani Spark The Fire

Five things we immediately love about it:

1) Cloud shirt (Oh, how very Windows 95. If you’re unsure what the hell that is, ask an older sibling or just do a quick Google search)

2) Gwen’s expert hair whippage.

3) Pizza sticker

4) Panda sticker

5) Super glue (Because this song is going to be such a wig-snatching affair, everyone will need reinforcement).

Listen to ‘Spark The Fire’:

According to Idolator, ‘Spark The Fire’ will premiere on 1 December and Gwen will release the single and music video shortly, and perform the song on The Voice USA with Pharrell, who produced the track.

Tbh, ‘Spark The Fire’ will probably be released in the UK in the new year. In fact, Gwen’s previous single ‘Baby Don’t Lie‘ which was billed as her huge comeback record is only coming out in the UK on 11 January.

‘Baby Don’t Lie’ hasn’t done tremendously well, only managing to peak at #46 on the US Billboard Hot 100.

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