10 stages you go through on Graduation Day

It’s that time of year where some of us lucky lot (depending on how you look at it) have made it through some challenging and, tbh, life changing years and come out the other side with a degree in hand and a kind of goofy hat.

It’s a bit of a bittersweet one and we’re stuck between wanting to smile until our cheeks hurt and feeling like sobbing uncontrollably. Here are 10 GIFs to convey ALL OF THE emotions.

Realising you look cute AF in your cap and gown, but knowing this is the only day you’ll get to wear it.


That point when you hear people’s names being called out and you literally don’t know half the students from your faculty.

Walking across the stage like…


Throwing your cap in the air for those opportune photo moments.


And again and again and AGAIN!


When your family gets emotional watching you graduate, and you CANNOT handle it.


But also catching sight of family and friends in the crowd when they ‘whoop’ for you and you be like…


And feeling an overwhelming wave of love for your parents, because they’re the ultimate support system.


The pride you feel towards both yourself and your friends, because you actually smashed it.


Graduation is over and the real world is dawning on you.


It’s a whole rollercoaster of emotions, kind of like uni itself was. WAS. 

It’s fine, we’re OK. We can do adulthood, we think… And we can also live with the knowledge that we’ve made some lifelong friends and some pretty amazing memories that we can look back on.

Have you recently graduated from uni, or had your Year 11 or Sixth Form prom? How ya holding up? Tweet us @maximumpop and we can function as a support group for one another!

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