Throwback Thursday: You’ll never guess what Goyle from ‘HP’ and Katie Fitch from ‘Skins’ look like now

It would seem that Gregory Goyle (played by Josh Herdman) and Miss Katie Fitch herself (Megan Prescott) don’t need magic to absolutely smash it. All it takes to come out on top is a hell of a lot of hard work and some serious weight lifting. Don’t know what we’re banging on about? You’ll be shocked when you see this particular ‘then’ and ‘now’.


Josh Herdman is best known for playing one half of Crabbe and Goyle, Draco Malfoy’s squad — he was doing it before Taylor Swift made it cool.


Gone are the days of eating cakes with Crabbe though, because Josh is actually a massive beefcake. We reckon Harry Potter would be no match for him now and that he should strongly consider changing his surname from Herdman to Hardman. Let’s be real, we’d probably break a finger just poking his rock-hard abs.


And then there’s Katie Fitch. Sweet, sweet Katie Fitch. Although, actually, if we remember that generation of ‘Skins‘ cast correctly, we don’t think we would have wanted to cross her then either.


You think that’s tough. Look at her now.

Yep, we’ve definitely put down the chocolate muffin we were contemplating gorging ourselves on.

So what do you think of these epic transformations? They’re definitely killing it, aren’t they? Tweet us @maximumpop and tell us whether this has inspired you to stop scrolling the internet and go for a run, because we feel a bit like a couch potato right now, ngl.

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