‘Good Grief’! Looks like Bastille are back with a brand new track

Is that Bastille we hear on the horizon? Are they about to make the greatest return ever? Hell yes they are.


Their new single in like, forever is called ‘Good Grief’, incase you hadn’t guessed and it’s a proper tune. There isn’t an ‘eh oh’ in sight (we mean ‘Pompeii’, not Teletubbies) but it sure does make us dance like one.

tumblr_n5v1mm2dwB1s8fkyqo1_250It’s quite different from their ‘Bad Blood’ era, leaning towards quite a pop vibe, we dig it! You know what would be super cool, if Calvin Harris remixes it, just because he can.


They’ve only uploaded a snippet so far but if you tuned into Radio 1, you would have heard the whole thing! What do you think then, is the new Bastille style floating your boat? Tweet us @maximumpop with your thoughts and don’t forget to include a dancing Teletubby gif. P.S. You can buy it on iTunes now.


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