“I would never want to incur the wrath of fangirls. I know how powerful they are”: A Q&A with Goldy Moldavsky

Goldy Moldavsky’s ‘Kill the Boyband’ is a homage to fandom and fangirls. When four friends miss out on tickets to an intimate The Ruperts gig, they book a room in the same hotel as the boys, determined to meet them. And they end up accidentally kidnapping one of the boys…

Needless to say, we had quite a few questions for Goldy!

killtheboybandTo tackle this book you must’ve done a lot of research. What’s the craziest fan story you’ve come across? A few of the fans stories I heard about ended up in the book. For example, I read about girls wearing Depends (aka Tena Lady) at concerts so they wouldn’t lose their place in the pit and I thought that THAT needs to be documented in a book. Truth is stranger than fiction, as they say. Some of the “crazy” fan stories came from primary research since I was and am a crazy fangirl myself. Other great stories came from my older sister who taught me everything I know about being a dedicated fan.

What do you think of boy band obsessions in general – unhealthy, a bit of fun, just something that comes with growing up? I’d say it’s a mix of the last two. I genuinely don’t think there’s anything wrong with obsessing over a boy band. Lots of people obsess over something in their lifetime. I always compare it to sports. Sports fans are just as obsessive as boy band fans, if not more so. And nobody really has a problem with that, so why should boy band fangirls be any different? For me, it was a part of growing up. My friends in school loved boy bands so it was easy to be caught up in it.

 Have you ever had your own version of The Ruperts – who would you have done anything to meet as a teenager? While I was never a true-blue boy band fangirl, I did enjoy the music of BSB and NSYNC, just as much as anybody else. Actually, the first CD I ever bought was Millennium by Backstreet Boys. Who would I have done anything to meet? Probably Sarah Michelle Gellar, since I was a huge Buffy fan. And I did meet her. (Like I said, I was a pretty dedicated fangirl.)


 Honestly, how much fun did you have writing this book? Ha, that’s a good question. Make no mistake, writing a book is hard, and it’s usually not much fun when you’re trying to make coherent scenes and all you have is a blank page. But when you’re  brainstorming—and especially if you  have someone great to brainstorm with—it’s the most fun you could have. I have great memories of sitting in an ice cream shop with my fella and laughing so hard over ideas that the other patrons turn to look at you. Ideas that didn’t even make it into the book!

 What was the hardest part of writing ‘Kill the Boyband’? On a technical level, it was really hard to come up with more story after ‘part 1’ was done. No spoilers, but something big happens in the middle of the book, and after I’d written it I just sat back and thought, ‘Well, what happens now?’ Because I really had no idea what these girls were going to do with the predicament I’d put them in. It took a lot of trial and error to figure where to take the story. There are a lot of deleted chapters of the girls running around the hotel trying to figure it out for themselves.

running around in circles But also, finding the right tone for a story like this was immensely important and took a lot of effort. I had to find the balance between light and dark. A lot of dire things happen in this book and if at any point I found that the story was getting too serious I knew I needed to ramp up the funny. It was also important for me to get fangirls right; treat them with respect while still being honest about what it’s like. I would never want to incur the wrath of fangirls. I know how powerful they are.

 What are your plans now? A sequel? A prequel? Something totally new? I’m working on a new story. Lighter in tone than KTBB yet still a little bit absurdist.

Finally, because we want to see where the magic happens, send us a snap of where you write! I write all over the place. Sometimes at the library, sometimes I’m a huge cliché and write at a coffee shop. When I’m at home I write on a table that’s messy with all the different notebooks I use to jot down notes in. As you can see in this pic!

Goldy Moldavsky desk

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