Ooh, shiny: glow-in-the-dark paths introduced to the UK

Blighty’s going Brighty with the introduction of these shiny glow-in-the-dark pathways to help revolutionise the way our public spaces are lit (and also make them shine bright like a diamond, obvs)!

Pro-Teq are using the new technique, named Starpath, in a Cambridge park to see how it goes. For all you techy people out there “Starpath is created using an innovative, cost-effective resurfacing process that can be sprayed directly onto existing concrete, tarmac, and other hard surfaces. A polyurethane base, a coat of light-absorbing particles in a range of colors and sizes, and a waterproof, anti-slip finish are applied without the need to remove worn-out surfaces.”

And before your parents start moaning, it takes 30 minutes to dry so hardly any disruption will be caused, FYI. We’re thinking we need some of this to replace the old carpets here at MP! Towers. Pretty please, Pro-Teq?

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