I tried making my own glow in the dark nail varnish – and it will blow your mind!

I always love trying new things, and one thing has always struck me as being MEGA COOL. LIKE YOU PROBABLY COULDN’T GET MORE COOL.

And what is that thing, I hear you ask?

To make my own glow in the dark nail varnish! Mind-blowing, am I right?


So I decided to do just that – with the right powder and a nail varnish of your choice, it is completely bloody possible. And completely BLOODY MIND-BLOWING. Come with me on this journey from no to glow.

What you’ll need is this:


  • 1 nail varnish of your choice
  • Some SFXC glow in the dark pigment powder – available for just £3.29 in near enough ANY COLOUR UNDER THE SUN. I KNOW. I went with green. It’s 100% safe and non-hazardous!
  • A marble, or something little and metal to put into the nail varnish, to make sure it mixes correctly.

And that, my friends, is all you’ll need. Let us begin.

Firstly, I grabbed my nail varnish – I went with a trusty white one from Maybelline, as I thought the colour would show up better. I later tried this hack with a glittery polish, and it worked just as well – the world really is your oyster!

The powder was already glowing brighter than Kim Kardashian’s cheekbones, as you can see:


I covered the table with paper (the last thing I wanted was it to get on the floor – I’d only realise late at night when there was some mad glow coming from my carpet.) LOLZ.


Then, I cut up the end of a drinking straw to create almost a little spade, to make it easier to scoop it up and wham it into the nail varnish. 5 scoops did the trick!


As outlined by this corker of a GIF.

After popping in the marble, I SHOOK THAT BAD BOY! Almost like I was trying to get the last bit of tomato ketchup out of a glass bottle. I shook it more then Beyonce during ‘Bootylicious’. More than Tay ‘Shakes It Off’. I think you get it.

Then…. LOOK AT IT!bottle-glow


I then whipped it on my nails:


Like so. By this point, I was incredibly excited. And even more so when I bloody well went into the dark hallway.


WHAT! WHAAAAT! I don’t know if this picture does it justice, but I could probably light up a city with my fingers. My cat Pierre was chasing my hand for a good 15 minutes under the duvet. If that isn’t success, I can’t tell you what is.

Overall, I did try making my own glow in the dark nail varnish – and it was the biggest success EVER. I can’t wait to by EVERY single colour there is – will I ever glow up? NO!

Are you inspired to make your own? Let us know at @maximumpop!

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