The Big Interview: ‘If I wasn’t in The Script I’d be eating choc digestives & drinking tea on my couch.’

The Script are pretty much a big deal, right? CORRECT! So when we were offered the chance to have a chat with Glen we had to sit in the corner next to a pot plant to calm down for 35 mins. Find out what happened when we got the low-down from the ‘Superheroes’ band. 

You recently shared a new video (Slow Motion Celebration of 6M fans on Facebook) – how does it feel having that many people supporting you? 

It feels amazing. I remember when we  started using Twitter and only had 190 followers! It really is a great thing to have so many fans, they are amazing.

Explain to us the album title ‘No Sound Without Silence’ how did that come about? 
When we toured in America we had a recording studio on our tour bus. We would come from the stage where we were playing music and performing in front of so many people, all the sound was happening there but on the bus, there was silence. We felt in order to make music we also need the silence to contemplate what comes next, so we thought this was a great concept for the album.

How was it making the music video for ‘Superheroes’?

It was great, we flew to South Africa and shot the video in a township called Alexandra. All the locals came out to watch us and ended up being in the video.

What can we expect from the new album?

Raw energy and passion. Because a lot of the vocals were recorded when Danny came straight from the stage, a lot of raw energy was captured immediately after the performance.

Do you feel like your music has changed much from you first started writing?

Not really that much. We like to do what we do well. We stretch a little here and there musically but the Script is all about great songs and great stories within the songs so we’ve stayed true to that.

If you weren’t in The Script, what would you be doing?

Eating Choc Digestive biscuits on my couch and drinking tea.

You recently nominated Imelda May for the ASL ice bucket challenge – what do you think of Irish talent?

Irish talent is far reaching in all areas of music, art and poetry. We have such a wealth of talent all over the country and more and more coming through all the time.

Do you have any favourites?

I like the Coronas, Kodaline and The Original Rude Boys.

How was it touring with One Republic in the US?

We’ve known One Republic a long time. We always spoke of going out on your together and we finally got the chance. The guys are great and were brilliant to us on tour, it’s something I can see us doing again in the future.

You’ve been a lot of places on tour – who has the best accent?
That depends on what accent we are doing! We can all do different accents! Mark is good at Australian accents, myself and Dan do a decent American accent.
Why has Danny left the voice?

To be in the band.

What do you think you’ve learned from the experience?

That you can never ever underestimate the power of Television!!

‘Superheroes’ the first single to be taken from The Scripts new album ‘No Sound Without Silence’ is available to buy now – HERE.

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