Some Of Girls Aloud Don’t Like Each Other. POP BITS

POP BITS. We’re still trying to come to terms with the split of Girls Aloud but were happy to hear that ex-band member Kimberley Walsh was releasing her own autobiography and were hoping for happy tales of the ten years the girls spent together, but that wasn’t the case when we checked the papers this morning.

The Sun newspaper, who are serialising Kimba’s tell-all book ‘A Whole Lot Of History’, have a headline on the front cover that says “Nadine Held Us To Ransom”, which we thought would be a light hearted piece about how GA used to play cops and robbers with each other on the tour bus, but it seems that is not the case!

Ms. Walsh explains: “Around the time when Girls Aloud filmed a cameo appearance for the movie St. Trinian’s…Nadine had taken on someone to represent her as a solo entity, and we knew absolutely nothing about it…For a long time, the rest of us had felt that she’d held us to ransom, and with the constant whispers of Nadine’s imminent solo deal, we felt as if she was calling the shots, and that the band’s future was in her hands.” *major sadface*

Kimberley also goes on to talk us through the last ever moments of Girls Aloud, and what Nadine’s done since then to make the other four not really like her any more: “An hour before the very last show, while we were still working on the official announcement, Nadine point blank refused to agree to any kind of press release – but we had to let the fans know somehow. In the end, we made the announcement via Twitter which we thought would be a nice direct connection to the fans. You can imagine our surprise when Nadine went public, saying that she had no part in our decision to split and that she wanted the group to keep going.”

We’re trying to come to terms with the fact that all this means there’ll probably be no Girls Aloud reunion in the future. POP BITS OUT.

Kimberley’s book ‘A Whole Lot Of History’ is released September 26.

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