Lawson, Tinie Tempah and Elyar Fox rock the Girlguiding Big Gig stage!

Saturday 31st May brought a whopping 9,000 Girlguiding Big-Giggers together at the Liverpool Echo Arena for one big old party. A load of amaze popstars performed, including the Lawson lads, who rocked the stage, as well as cutie Elyar Fox, the beauts Pixie lott, Loveable Rogues, Tinie Tempah, Kimberly Wyatt, Tich and Leah McFall. The whole sha-bang was hosted by the lovely TV presenting beauty Stacey Dooley. Phewww sounds pretty fantabulous to us!

Two rather lucky Brownie Young Leaders, Ashna Rayarel and Vanessa Holt, caught up with the acts backstage for a bit of a chinwag.


Speaking to Pixie Lott the girls asked:

Who in the music business inspires you at the moment?

Bruno Mars and Adele are really inspiring me at the moment!

Do you like to follow trends or do you think it’s more important to be yourself?

I think it’s really important to have your own sense of style, and incorporate that with trands. I love 60s styles!

You were a Brownie. It’s the 100th birthday of the Brownies this year! Do you have a message for Brownies across the UK?

Yes I definitely do – keep up the amazing work! Keep having fun, keep making new friends and being helpful!

What are your hopes for the future?

I hope that people will like my new album. I’m going to release a new song in July, and then I’ll go on tour so people can hear my new music, which will be great!

Next up, a chat with the amazing Tinie Tempah, where he reveals his number one inspiration…his mum – awwhhh!

Who was your biggest inspiration as you grew up?

Inspiration? That was my mum! She’s done so much for me.

Do you have any pre-performance rituals?

I don’t eat for an hour before a gig. You have to keep a clear head, and be zen. Stay focused, no talking, and build your energy up for onstage!

What is your favourite childhood memory?

I camped out all night once to get an autograph when I was little – it reminds me why I love music so much.

Who was your role model growing up?

Definitely my mum!

Dizzee Rascal was also a role model growing up, I really admire him.

Who knew a catch up with the Lawson lads would reveal Joel’s role model – Bear Grylls…


Were you ever a Scout?

Joel was! Bear Grylls is his new role model!

Who in the music business inspires you?

We love the Eagles, the Beatles, the Foo Fighters and Coldplay

What was the first live gig you went to?

Adam – The Darkness!

Ryan – The Darkness – the lead singer flew around on a white tiger!

Joel – Buddy Guy

Andy – I saw the first Bootleg Beatles in concert!

When was the last time you felt shy and how did you overcome it?

Joel – We took a Q+A at a music college recently. I feel comfortable with a guitar onstage but I was really nervous in front of the students!

Andy – You just have to rise to the occasion!

Can you give us any tips on how to be confident and believe in yourself?

You should believe in yourself! The secret is – to tell yourself a secret which no one knows, and you’ll believe in yourself and be confident.

The rogues who are oh so loveable reveal where the name came from…

What’s it like to perform to 9,000 Guides?

It was lovely – there were so many flashing lights, we loved it!

Why/how did you get into singing?

Eddie – I got into it because I think it’s like talking but with notes, and being a storyteller.

How did you decide on the band name of Loveable Rogues?

We were out in the park and someone walks past with a dog they called Rogue. We thought it was cute, and it inspired us to name the band Loveable Rogues!

What was the best moment when you went on tour and why?

The first night! Coming out and seeing the crowd at Brighton was amazing!

Annnddd last, but certainly not least, Mr. Elyar Fox shows his love for ermm…cats.


It’s no secret that you love cats! Do you have cats?

I love cats – I have two of them! Charlie – named after Charlie Chaplain, and Oscar, named after Oscar Wilde!

Have you ever been star struck by a celebrity?

I get starstruck by underdogs! I saw Cardinal Burns doing stand-up in a pub and I was really badly starstruck. I get why girls get starstruck by One Direction

If you weren’t in the music/media industry, what other job would you like to do and why?

I’d be a fire fighter – or an animator, I love drawing!

How did you decide on using the stage name of Elyar Fox?

It’s short – just 3 syllables is easy. People used to call me foxy!

Well if that wasn’t enough pop goodness for you for one day, check out some pics from the Big Gig on the official Insta @girlguiding

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