VOTE: Which is your favourite girlband ballad?

Everyone loves a sexy girl power dance-pop tune like Fifth Harmony‘s ‘Work From Home’. Those who say they don’t are BIG FAT LIARS. Seriously, just try not to groove along.

But every now and again our girls need to mellow out and show their vulnerable sides, which is exactly what Fifth Harmony have done with their new single ‘Write On Me’. Check out this classy piece of soulful loveliness:

It got us thinking (MP! loves a good think). There have been some killer girlband power ballads over the years and we want to make sure they get as much love as the upbeat tunes. Here are some of the best girlband ballads of all time:

Ain’t so secret now considering what a big hit it was.

We’re in danger of getting too lost in this song!

This power ballad has stuck with us for a mighty long time.

The guy might have had a black heart but this song is one of the best we’ve ever had.

We’ve got no issues with this yearning ballad from The Saturdays.

The ultimate anthem about how girls gotta stick together.

Never ever are we going to stop listening to this song.

For reasons including, but not limited to, the song’s subtle advice about using condoms. Responsible pop.

Stone cold classic here from Girls Aloud.

  • Atomic Kitten – ‘Whole Again’

This old school ballad from Atomic Kitten makes us whole again.

I don’t think the universe has ever experienced so many sky-scraping harmonies in one place before. The internet may explode any minute now so get voting for your favourite girlband power ballad quick:



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