Got sports? From swimming with ‘Girl Out of Water’ to ‘Shut Out’, it’s time to get physical

Reading is definitely a sport. It counts double if your reading a book with a sporty heroine, like Lou in Nat Luurtsema’s ‘Girl Out of Water’.


But we know what you’re thinking; where are all the sporty girls at? They’re there. Waiting to be picked up and read. Here’s just a few to get you started…YA Sporty Girls

1.  Football – The American, kind courtesy of the wonderful Kody Keplinger’s ‘Shut Out’.


2. Running – ‘Breathe, Annie, Breathe’ may have a reluctant athlete as a protagonist, but the story is truly moving. By Miranda Kenneally.


3. Soccer – Ann Brashares’ ‘The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants’ sees one of the girls attend soccer summer camp in Mexico.


4. Horse riding – ‘Racing Savannah’ is Miranda Kenneally’s second listing here because this author does sporty stories so darn well. Srsly. Check out anything penned by her.


5. Basketball – A bit of gender bending a la the film ‘She’s the Man’ with Shizuru Seino sensei’s manga following a girl who gets herself on to the boys basketball team. Funsies!


6. Ice skating – Sarah Ockler gives her MC a bit of a rough time of it in ‘Bittersweet’ but Hudson works it out. Throw in a bit of ice hockey and job’s a good ‘un.


7. Swimming – ‘Girl Out of Water’ is hilarious and will make you kinda miss the smell of chlorine and that after-swim feeling. Get in the pool, yo! But read this book first…

anime swim

Tempted? You can get your copy right here. Huzzah!

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