Time to grab the paperback copy of ‘Girl Online’ and meet Zoella!

The time has come for everyone to grab a copy of ‘Girl Online’ in paperback! If you haven’t heard of ‘Girl Online’, it’s the debut book by Zoella, the social media mogul, who is a YouTuber (and basically a style icon) and it’s finally come out in beautiful paperback form.


It follows the story of Penny who has a secret blog, where she posts about her life, from love to family and friends. Her family whisk her away to New York where she meets the charming Noah, however Noah has a secret too.

maxresdefault (2)

It’s almost as small as Zoe’s head!

You’re probably thinking ‘Why would I get the paperback version when I’ve got the hardback?’, well one reason is LOOK HOW PRETTY IT IS. Secondly, in this version at the back you can read the first 2 chapters of ‘Girl Online On Tour’, the follow up book to this one and to be honest we can’t wait until October to get our hands on it.

Zoe and Penguin are running a meet and greet cupcake party in celebration of the release of ‘Girl Online’, so get entering now!

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