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WOAH! This girl hasn’t cut her nails in three years and we can’t believe how long they are

They take 3 hours to paint!

The chances are you’ve probs wanted longer nails at some point in your life.

Perhaps one broke off when you were busy dancing along to your fave Little Mix track and it’s taking aggggeeeees to grow back. That or you’re an avid nail-biter? We don’t judge!

Instagrammer Simone Christina is taking long nails to a whole new level. Seriously guys, you’ll be SHOCKED at how long they are. Why? Because the 16-year-old hasn’t cut them for THREE WHOLE YEARS.

Yep, you heard us right… three whole years!

Length-wise, they’re over 6″ long and Simone has a strict routine she goes through to make sure they don’t snap or break. They look like this…

December 30, 2016 #throwback

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We can’t get over how long they are?!

Just look!


Here’s a recent picture of my nails ❤ #red #rednails #longrednails #rotenägel #redclaws #longclaws #lauras_kingdom

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Simone revealed her nail-care routine to Seventeen. She told the magazine:

“I use two coats of nail hardener. For the first coat I us XXL Nail Thickener by Essence [$2.24] and for the second coat I use Ultra Strong Nail Hardener [$2.50] also by Essence. It’s also helpful to apply cuticle oil like every second day.”

Woweeeee! If that wasn’t enough to deal with, when Simone paints her nails (which she often does) it takes three hours. Ugh, we get bored after 20 minutes. Imagine what three hours must be like?!


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Having long nails isn’t all fun and games, though. In another interview with The Sun, Simone told the paper about some of the issues she faces because of them. One of those being school.

“I have exams at the moment and it’s hard to write, after one hour of writing my hands really hurt. On the computer, I have to type using my knuckles. Luckily, German schools don’t have dress codes, so they don’t cause any issues there. PE is a huge problem, though. I can’t play volleyball, basketball or anything similar. My PE teachers are always trying to convince me to cut my nails. They’ll never succeed in convincing me – but that makes my grades in PE really bad,” she said.

Yikes! Would you ever grow your nails this long? Vote in the poll below. 


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