8 of the best real love stories that started online

Lucy Sutcliffe’s ‘Girl Hearts Girl’ proves that real love can be found in an unreal environment i.e. the internet. And yes, of course we recognise the dangers that can come with internet communication but as long as you’re safe you can DEFINITELY find that happily ever after.


Don’t believe us? Just check out THESE love stories that legit happened online:

1. Dear reader, I married him.

The girl who fell in love with the Waterstones Oxford Street tweets and then the man behind them!


Yep. This actually happened. Jonathan, the funny bookshop tweeter caught the attention of Victoria and after a bit of serendipity and a lot of impulse (and a doughnut)… they met… and 3 years later? Married. Done deal.

2. Love at first like?

Instagram can be difficult to traverse sometimes. Espesh when there are a bajillion accounts that seem to have one goal in mind: trickery and fakery.


But for Erica and Arte it was love at first like. She double tapped on a post of his showing his original writings, a poem, and they quickly began a-courtin’. And after nearly a year of communicating online and over the telephone they finally met up earlier this year… and got engaged on the spot! They even married in the airport. Fast-track love!

3. YouTube’s power couple!


Zoe Sugg and Alfie Deyes are are tour de force who literally pwn the internet. And they met through YouTube! Officially meeting at an event back in 2012 Zalfie have been going strong ever since! All hail!

4. Lindsey and Phillip DeFranco

Another of YouTube’s power couples. They met at a YouTube gathering in 2007 where he was a little drunk and sang her a song about… well… it’s a bit RUDE but it won her over!


They’re now married and have a wee little ‘un. Gaww.

5. One more for the YouTubes!

Matthew Schueller and Michael Lindsay got talking after they both made coming out videos in August 2013 and this got them talking… and the rest, they say, is history. *hits chest, tries not to cry*


6. Met on Craiglist’s ‘free stuff’?

The story goes Will had movie tickets and Cora said ‘I’ll have ’em’ (not verbatim).


This was before Craiglist changed its gears and it allowed Cora to check out Will’s website beforehand. He had an eye for design. And then they had eyes for each other.

7. Snapchat’s own Romeo and Juliet?

Just hopefully WITHOUT the tragic ending, eh?

This is both SO CUTE and also kind amazing. Snapchat can take you on some unexpected stories!

8. Lucy Sutcliffe’s ‘Girl Hearts Girl’.


This pair began an online relationship that led to them finally meeting 2011 where the author even captured their first week together on video. Was it a HEA? Guess you’ll have to read the book to find out!

Which is your fave? Tell us in the comments below!

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