Have you seen the new show Gina Rodriguez has been raving about on her Instagram?

Here at MP! we are huge fangirls where it concerns Gina Rodriguez. The ‘Jane the Virgin‘ actress has quite literally stolen our hearts, so it’s no surprise that we religiously follow her on social media, and read and look at every last tweet and Instagram post she makes. She is honestly bae.


And it turns out Gina’s declaration of support for this new TV show had us absolutely flailing. That, and the fact that it has Disney written all over it.

Although not involved in the project directly, Gina was over the moon to post about Disney new TV show ‘Elena of Avalor’, featuring Disney’s first Latina princess. Yas, slay! We are entirely here for diversity.

‘Elena of Avalor’ is all about a high-spirited, 16-year-old princess who saves her kingdom from an evil sorcerer. Following the huge challenge (which she smashes, btw), she must learn to rule Avalor alongside her Grand Council, and learn all the traits it takes to be a fair and good ruler.

The series is set to premiere on Disney Junior on the 22nd July in the US, with a TV movie in the works for later in the year. There is yet to be a date for the UK announced, but we hope it’s bloody soon, because we need to see Elena being an absolutely slaying princess.

Are you proud of Disney and all they’re doing in the name of diversity? If so, tweet us @maximumpop and let’s discuss.

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