QUIZ: Which YA book should you read based on your Gilmore Girls Team?

In just a few days time, Gilmore Girls will be back on our screens. And literally we cannot wait for a big, squealing, amazing reunion with our faves Rory and Lorelai!

Anyone who’s watched the show knows that our number one girl Rory is a total book nerd (a girl after our own hearts!). There are over 300 different books mentioned in the show and the Rory Gilmore reading challenge is one of the most popular and toughest on GoodReads!

Also one of the big questions everyone wants answered in the revival is does Rory end up with anyone? Whatever your opinion of the various men in little Gilmore’s life, everyone seems to have a team. See what the cast have to think here:

So to tide you over until next Friday, we’ve put together a scarily accurate quiz to see which YA book you should read based on your Rory soul mate preference. Be it #TeamDean #TeamJess #Team Logan or other more zaney combos…

So what did you get? Spookily accurate right? Let us know in the comments below and if you have any good book and boy combos…


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