Gigi Hadid totally just pulled a Regina George in this torn-up shirt

We’ve all seen Mean Girls, the iconic chick flick that totally defined our teen years, right? Remember the part where Regina George had an unfortunate wardrobe malfunction but rocked the look anyway?


Model Gigi Hadid has only gone and made our lives by channelling the queen bee’s style through her latest outfit. She might not have flashed her bra like Regina, but she’s deffo making torn shirts a thing.


Yikes, that is one massive hole we’re looking at. Taking ripped clothing to an entirely new level, we’re sure Gigi did this in the name of fashwaaan but if not, she’s totally working the look anyway.

In the words of Gretchen Wieners, that is SO fetch.

Do you reckon this is the start of a hot new fashion trend? Let us know your thoughts @maximumpop

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Written by Nina John-Clement

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