New ‘Ghostbusters’ trailer is the most disliked in YouTube history and we’re losing faith in humanity

Uh, so the first official trailer for ‘Ghostbusters‘ was released and it’s one of the most disliked YouTube videos in history. We’d like to say we can’t see why, considering it’s got a killer female cast. Also, hello! Chris Hemsworth makes an appearance. Honestly, what more could you want? One look at the comments, though, and we think we know exactly what’s up.

Turns out the comments are filled with misogynistic pigs, or those that don’t think it’s a good testament to the original ‘Ghostbusters’ films — but we reckon they’re just trying to conceal their obvious sexism too. Don’t worry, though. We’re here to prove this small section of comments isn’t a reflection on the rest of YouTube. Namely, the kickass feminist side.

Let’s face it, the trailer is a bit silly — but then, so were the original films. They’re meant to be fun and entertaining and, actually, we think Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy and co have done a pretty great job of giving the film a new lease of life if the trailer is anything to go by.  And they’ve sprinkled some #GirlBoss vibes along the way too, which are the best kind of vibes in our opinion.


We’re going to try really hard to ignore the ignorant comments like this one that reads, “It is irresponsible to present the idea to children that four heterosexual women can cooperate toward a common goal without turning on each other.”

Does it make your blood boil as much as it does ours? Yeah… but it’s okay, because as we all know YouTube isn’t just home to stupid comments — although sadly it does take up a ridiculously large proportion across most YouTube content.

There are actually some pretty fab ladies out there doing great things for feminism. So we’re here to counteract the lack of braincells behind those ‘Ghostbusters’ comments with some intelligent ladies who are out here empowering one another and slowly restoring our faith in humanity.

Hannah Witton

This girl’s channel is dedicated to all things sex ed and feminism and we are entirely here for it. As well as offering frank conversations on those taboo topics we’re all a little too afraid to ask anyone else about, Hannah has also recently been involved in a YouTube series called ‘Girl On Girl’. The just under fifteen minute episodes each cover different subsections of feminism and have filled us in on so many things we weren’t already aware of. Ah-mazing!

Ingrid Nilsen

We love Ingrid! She has the softest, most lovely voice and we think she is legit made of rainbows and sunshine. She also recently became a UN Change Ambassador and did an incredible video breaking down all things gender identity. We also are kind of obsessed with her amazing slogan tees.

Louise Pentland 

Louise, otherwise known as Sprinkle of Glitter, is another of our absolute faves. She’s always been an inspiring advocate for self-love and embracing all body types and we’re very thankful to her for putting such huge bouts of positivity into the world. Much like Ingrid, she has also recently become a UN Change Ambassador for gender equality, which has made our love for her bloom even more than we thought possible. There’s also the fact that she’s an amazing mum to her little girl, Darcy and is doing it for all the single mums out there. What an absolute babe!

See, YouTube isn’t all scary, silly people who don’t really know what they’re talking about. We reckon ‘Ghostbusters’ is going to be pretty great — with or without hunky Chris Hemsworth. Because it’s got a great female cast who are going to do it for all the ladies around the world. Hell yeah!

Do you think the trailer looks like good fun? Will you be side-eyeing the sexist haters? We hope so! Let us know @maximumpop.

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