Here’s the one thing ‘Ghostbusters’ and ‘Suicide Squad’ has done right

The thing is, since people have watched this year’s releases of the ‘Ghostbusters‘ reboot and ‘Suicide Squad‘, there’s been a lot of differing opinions and serious negativity around both films. It’s a little sad, especially as we were really looking forward to watching both movies.


All that being said, though, it’s undeniable that both films have at least done one thing right.

There’s been a lot of trash talk about both films, especially ‘Ghostbusters’ which was completely annihilated by sexist hate in the trailer’s comments on YouTube before it had even hit the big screen. Since it’s release on Friday, ‘Suicide Squad’ has also been met with unsatisfied fans.

But there’s one thing both films have brought about and that’s the feeling that females are indeed strong as hell and the sky is truly the limit.


The sales of ‘Ghostbuster’ toys have skyrocketed, with female action figures, dress-up and more ‘I ain’t afraid of no ghost’ goodness filling childrens’ wish lists.

According to Bustle, “Sales of the ‘Ghostbusters’ toy line are reported as being strong from both girls and boys, which hopefully goes some way to disproving the myth that a female-inclusive movie and merchandise lines are something that would deter children from wanting to play with such toys.”

What’s more, Margot Robbie, alongside Cara Delevingne, is helping to pave the way for some seriously badass supervillians in ‘Suicide Squad’ — and superheroes, too. Better still, both flawless actresses got paid the same as their male-counterparts, Will Smith and Jared Leto. Hallelujah!

Both Hollywood blockbusters promote the attitude that women can do it just as well as men. Maybe they aren’t great movies, but maybe they are. And maybe it really doesn’t matter, because they’re still doing some amazing groundwork for feminism everywhere.

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