How to get the perfect selfie with your fave at a gig

We’ve all been there. Horrible, blurry selfies with friends, family or perhaps most importantly, pop stars. There’s nothing worse than getting a horrible picture with your fave. Bad lighting, bad angles, there are lots of ways it could all go horribly wrong and nobody wants that.


We totally feel your pain; we don’t want this to ever happen to you. So we’ve come up with nine tips for you to secure the ultimate selfie of all selfies with your faves.

1) Get to the gig early: This is also the best way to get to the front of the gig and who doesn’t like to be at the front? Early birds catch the worm.


2) Protect your personal space: If you’re at the front, it can get really crowded really quickly. Stake your claim for space or forever hold your peace.


3) Hang around at the end: Just when you think it’s time to leave, you might catch your fave coming back to the stage. Stay calm, be patient and get your camera ready…


4) Perfect your winning smile: A smile can get you anywhere. Get your smile right and you might just be invited to meet your fave backstage. OMG!


5) Check every social media channel possible: Sometimes artists might reveal to their fans on Twitter where they’ll be after the gig. Keep your eyes peeled.


6) Ask the manager: Here’s where that winning smile comes into play. If you spot your fave’s tour manager, ask nicely. They might be able to arrange something…

7) Make sure you’re using the right camera: You don’t want a picture of the wall or the people in front of you.


8) Avoid the flash where possible: If the flash is too bright, you won’t be able to see anything. Only use it if it’s totally necessary.


9) Keep your charger nearby: You can’t get a picture without battery on your phone. Keep the games to a minimum and save your power.


You should now have the perfect selfie, sitting pretty in your camera roll. Show us your best selfies @maximumpop

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