This is the super sneaky reason why your favourite popstar hasn’t replied to your tweet

Bet you didn’t know about this

Psst! Come a little closer, fandoms. We’re going to let you in on a super sneaky secret. We know how dedicated you guys are when it comes to your favourite stars. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Directioner, Mixer or Camilizer, the passion you guys have for them is incredible and getting a reply from your fave on Twitter or Facebook is on top of your to-do list.

With all that in mind, it’s pretty devastating when you’re hard work goes unnoticed.  But, have you ever wondered why popstars never reply to your tweets?  Well, there’s actually a top secret reason and we’re going to reveal what it is.


As you guys know, most of your fave stars are all verified on Twitter but what you don’t know (unless you, yourself, are verified) is that the blue tick comes with loads of secret perks. Take the ‘verified mentions’ tab, for instance.

Confused? Scroll on to your feed now and we’ll explain. When you log on Twitter, the first thing you see is the mentions tab. Pretty standard, right?

But those who are verified actually have a second tab that only includes mentions from other Twitter users who are also verified. Here’s a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the @MaximumPop Twitter so you can see.

The tab basically means that your fave popstars can use it to keep in contact with all their other famous pals. We’ve gotta admit, it’s super handy. But the one down side to the tab is that most stars will only use this one, as opposed to the regular mentions one. That’s why they miss your messages.

Either way, you shouldn’t let that put you off. You know as well as we do that a lot of our fave popstars are super grateful and occasionally tweet back to fans. Here’s 5 things you can do to help get noticed.

1. Tweet something different

Most popstars receive about 46378 tweets a day from people asking for him/her to follow them. Try tweeting something different instead. Tell them why you admire them so much or compliment them on something they’ve done recently.

2. Get arty and use props or signs

As well as tweeting unique messages, get arty and use props and signs in your messages. Make them as unusual and eye-catching as possible – that way your fave star won’t miss them when they scroll through Twitter.

3. Be polite and understand your faves are incredible busy

One thing that’s important to remember when tweeting your favourite star is to always be polite and nice. 99.9% are you already are – so we don’t mean to patronise you. But as you know, popstars are incredibly busy. Nothing looks worse than sending nasty messages because they haven’t noticed you yet. In other words ensure your tweets are Mum-approved.

4. Team up with fan projects

Sometimes it’s easier to get noticed in large numbers so search online and check out MP!’s Fan Projects website to see what’s currently going on. Often popstars will reply to big projects like this. Plus, they’re a great way to meet other members of the fandom and make life long friends.

5. And most important… have fun!

Tweeting your fave popstar should be fun. Try not to get too disheartened if they don’t reply back. There’s always plenty of other opportunities for you to get there attention – whether it be at a show, meet and greet or web chat.

Happy tweeting fangirls, fanboys and fankids. Let us know if your favourite star has ever replied to you by leaving a comment below. We want to hear your story.

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Written by Emma Matthews

Emma is a freelance journalist at MP.

When she’s not writing articles for Maximum Pop!, you’ll find her attending gigs, geeking out over the latest beauty products and reading feminist literature. Hermione is her favourite Harry Potter character - obviously.

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