5 ways to get the artist’s attention at a gig

Picture this. You’re at a 5SOS gig, Luke points out to the audience to bring someone on stage. You think he’s pointing at you. This is it, this is the moment you’ve been waiting for… But then you realise he’s pointing to the girl behind you. You’re HEARTBROKEN! Why weren’t you chosen? Why didn’t he notice you? Because you didn’t check out our five ways to get a pop star’s attention at a gig, that’s why!

Follow these five steps and who knows; you could be up on that stage singing with your faves…


1) Create a banner: Make it big, make it bright and try to think of something a little smarter than I <3 U!!! Be unique and be different.


2) Know all the words: You might not know this, but pop stars can always see fans who know all the words to their songs. You’ll even get extra points for knowing the words to the hidden bonus tracks. Get practising.

3) Create a special outfit: Glo-sticks, glitter, flowers, LED lights; you could even design your own T-shirt. Or even dress up in one of your fave’s signature outfits. Think outside of the box and don’t be afraid to be a little bit daring.


4) Cover yourself in merchandise: OK, so we’re not saying spend all your hard earned coins on merch but get what you can with whatever you have. Pop stars always notice a supporter.


5) Scream until you lose your voice: This is probably the easiest task of them all. Scream, scream, SCREAM! Scream until you can’t scream no more. But maybe don’t do it while they’re talking.

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