MP! Guide: How to get amazing photos at a gig with just a smartphone

We’ve all been there; you’re watching your fave live on stage and you’re snapping away with your phone, only to find the next day, they’re blurry, out of focus and just plain terrible.


It probably would have been easier for everyone if you’d just not taken any pictures at all.


There’s definitely a trick or two to securing those memorable pics at gigs and luckily for you, we’ve got them all and we’ve put them all together in this handy little guide so you can get pictures as good as the professionals and make the memories last a life time.


… Or at least as long as a Snapchat story.

1) Use both hands: You might end up looking a little silly but it makes for better looking pictures.


2) Make sure the camera lens is clean: This is usually the main culprit for blurry pictures. Give the camera a quick wipe before snapping.

3) Hold your phone above your head (particularly if you’re short): If you keep your phone at the same level as yourself, you’ll probably end up just getting the backs of people’s heads. Aim high.


4) Avoid the zoom: The closer to the front of the stage, the better. You’ll be less reliant on the zoom. Using zoom tends to make for blurrier pictures.


5) Avoid using flash: Flash is only meant to be used in close range shots. Using flash when you’re far away from the stage confuses the camera sensor and makes for weird looking, blown out pictures.


6) Be considerate of others: Don’t put your phone right in the view of the person behind you. Try to use it when you’re not blocking a vital moment in the show.


7) Leave the selfie stick at home: These don’t produce better pictures and ruin the experience for everyone. Don’t do it.


Now that you’ve got your skills perfected, you’re going to need a decent phone to snap all your pictures on. These are the top five devices for picture taking:

1) iPhone 6/6S+: Everyone’s favourite, the iPhone does a great job in any situation


2) Sony Xperia X/Z5: Sony are known for making some of the best cameras on the market today. This same technology translates over to their phones. Great investment.


3) Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 Edge/S7/S7 Edge: One of the best smartphones on the market today with a high end camera.


4) LG G5: An interesting phone which has it’s own camera attachment¬†as well as other attachable accessories.


5) Google Nexus 6P: Probably one you’re not too familiar with but this phone from Google was rated with the second best smartphone camera of all time. Don’t blink and miss this!


You’ve practised your shots, you’ve got your phone, now it’s time to get snapping. Show us your handiwork @maximumpop

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