Directioners are trying to get on The Ellen Show and need your help!

If you haven’t heard of the amazing projects by 1D fans, where the hell have you been?

The past few years have shown incredible fan driven projects such as ‘1D Fans Give’, ‘Take Me Home from Narnia’ and ‘Project No Control‘, and they definitely deserve global recognition. And we know someone who can make that happen…


Fans are trying to get these amazing projects featured on The Ellen Show, where all kinds of amazing people are showcased. Of course, this needs to be a team effort, and that’s where you come in. Help get the fandom noticed. How? We’ll tell you…

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5SOS says it felt like a “real release” writing Sounds Good Feels Good. Not that kind of release, you naughties.

SOMEONE blamed One Direction fans for “destroying” the boys. Um, no way.