11 times George Shelley has already been our King of the Jungle 2015.

We are loving I’m a Celeb this year because we fancy George Shelley, a lot. So here’s 11 times George Shelley was our King of the Jungle 2015!

1. When he had this Myleene moment,  but George where are your white pants? You’re meant to wear white.



2. When he had his Joey Essex moment “What is going on?”


3. And then when it all made sense and he remembered where he was.


4. When he was up for all his trials but looked like he needed his MAM to help him with his googles.


5. When he eyed up his competition and took them on head first.136.  When he had no care or consideration for anyone but himself and decided to walk around shirtless, and flaunt his fabulous back in our faces.
107. When he was playing scrabble with a smirk on his face that a kid in maths class that had just spelt a rude word on a calculator.


8. When the camera person fell in love with his bum just like we did.


9. When he was looking for us in the stars…610. When he stared into Jorgie’s eyes with pure happiness and we wished it was us.


11. When he looked like he’d stepped straight out of the I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here 2015 Calendar.


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