In the future, you could shop for skincare products based on your genes

We thought the future was here when we first heard about glow in the dark makeup – now our minds are even more blown away with this news about the possible advancements in beauty technology.mind blown

Research has shown that in the future, saleswomen at the beauty counter could be asking you for a quick swab of saliva in order to recommend you the perfect skincare product that matches your genetic code.

Olay’s principal scientist, Frauke Neuser, explains:

“We already know from studying genetics that certain people respond to certain ingredients—and not to others. We’ll know not only the way your skin will age in the future but also what your skin does and doesn’t respond to right now. We’ll be able to tell that while someone isn’t going to wrinkle much, they’ll have loads of age spots. And we’ll know what ingredients your skin genetically responds to that will specifically address that problem.”

How cool is that? We’re not sure we fully understand the science behind it, but we’ll trust the professionals.

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