Study hacks: get geeky like Harriet with our 9 sure-fire study tips

School is back and we’re still pretty devastated about it. It means less time for books and more time grinding in the library, damn.

You’re in luck though – we’ve managed to pull together 9 hella good, tried and tested tricks to help you get through hell on earth, aka revision. Trust us, these study hacks are legit.

1. Chew gum whilst you study

Wait… what? Yep. Turns out if you chew a specific flavour of gum whilst you study and then chew the same gum during the exam, sciency things happen inside your brain and you remember things easier.

2. Download a site blocking app for your laptop

We’re the kings and queens of procrastination up in here so it’s no surprise that sometimes we literally can’t quit stalking our faves on Twitter, scrolling through their Instagrams or tapping our ways through their Snapchat stories. We are seriously addicted.

Phones aside though, we kind of need our laptops to work, but all the same temptations are still there: Facebook, Twitter and even the brand spanking new MP! Book Events site.


It’s glorious.


How do we quit it? We go cold turkey, that’s what we do. With site blocking apps downloaded on our laptops. Just a few clicks and bing bang bosh we’re blocked from accessing our frequent faves until we turn the blocker off.

3. Don’t pull all-nighters – just don’t

We already know that 9am school starts might not be as beneficial as people think and, even though it might seem a bit obviously, pulling all-nighters aren’t either. Trust us, you’ll feel so much more refreshed and ready to learn if you just work during the normal, daylight hours.

4. Get some pretty stationary in your life

Listen, it might seem like it won’t work, but nothing gives us motivation to work like sitting down with a pretty notebook and our pretty pencils ready to make our classmates well jel.

Need stationary inspiration? These feminist AF ones are serious goals.

5. Reward yourself regularly

You’re working hard and you know what hard workers get to do?

6. Break big pieces of work down into small, manageable chunks

Trust us, you’ll feel considerably better about everything when you do. Those big scary projects are suddenly a bunch of tiny, mini ones that you can do bit by bit.

7. Get your friends together and study study study

Doesn’t sound like you’ll get much work done, we know, but replicating that classroom feel can really help boost your productivity. Plus you and your friends can help each other out when it comes to tricky topics you’re unsure on.

8. Use different coloured pens/highlighters to mark out different topics

It helps break apart big chunks of highlighted texts if they’re in different colours, plus it makes your textbook like pretty. And who are we kidding? Having pretty notes is our main priority to be honest.

9. Actually get started – sooner rather than later

What’s our number one tip for studying hard? Actually getting started. Duh.

If you’re getting yourself offline and actually getting stuck into your work though you’re off to a darn good start.

Seriously, starting back at school isn’t as horrible as it seems and neither is revision if you go about it the right way. We believe in you!

Let us know your #1 survival tip for exam season in the comments below.

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