Gabz’s ‘Lie There’ Music Video – 5 Things You Need To Know

After her chart success earlier this year with ‘Lighters (The One)’, Britain’s Got Talent‘s latest child star Gabz is back with her second single, and the music video has just hit the web!

‘Lie There’ tells of splitting with your partner and promising you’ll stay as friends but when you see them with someone else, you miss them and can become a bit psycho. Oh wait, that last bit’s just us.

Anyway, the new Gabz video is very good, but here are the 5 essential things that you need to know:

1It’s super cute! The storyline of the video gives us mega “Awwwww”s. We always love a good reconciliation between a couple and the characters are no exception. Whether it’s throwing grapes at each other or spinning one another round in a Morrison’s trolley, everything this couple does is cute!

2Gabz gets outfit changes. Gabz has obviously become some fierce-mega-rapping-diva since her debut single hit number 6 earlier this year because she’s only gone and got herself TWO costume changes in the new video! Look out for Gabz’s clothes swapping during the video.

3We kind of already know the song… When we began watching the music video, everybody at MP! Towers agreed that we’d already heard the song! Was it just that it sounded very similar to ‘Lighters (The One)’? No, it was because Gabz performed half of this song at the Britain’s Got Talent final!

Gabz appreciates swans. Swans often go overlooked, but in the music video for ‘Lie There’, the characters are seen feeding swans and this makes us happy to know that they are not being mistreated. We’re sure the Queen would be very happy too!

5It means more Gabz music! We’re going to be the first to admit it, we kind of thought Gabz would have success with ‘Lighters (The One)’ and then that be it, but oh no, she’s only gone at got herself an album deal! Gabz is expected to release her first album ‘The One’ in early 2014. Who reckons her second album will be called ‘The Two’?

Now you’ve heard all that WE think you need to know, it’s time for you to take a look for yourself!

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