Velvetgh0st blows our minds again with her amazing vocals on her new Ariana cover

If you hadn’t noticed already, Gabriella Lindley aka Velvetgh0st is one of the most insanely talented people ever.


Gabby had only posted a few fun singing video onto YouTube before, but this week she uploaded a full performance with her singer friend Hobbie Stuart and it was met with astounding responses because 1. It was cool AF, 2. Gobbie (Gabs and Hobbie) are life and 3. She sounds (and looks) like a real life Disney princess. She’d make an excellent live action Sleeping Beauty if she dyed her hair back blonde!


This cover of ‘Leave Me Lonely’ by Ariana Grande literally speaks to us, it melts our hearts and we can die happy. Gabs fits Ariana’s music so well!

We’d love for Gabby to do more covers in the future or even some originals! Someone get this girl a recording contract ASAP because she’s about to blow up.

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