‘Roar’ By Katy Perry Covered By The Future Kicks: Cover Corner

This is Cover Corner, where weekly we scour the internet for the stars of tomorrow and present their versions of songs previously made famous by other artists for the pleasure of your ears (and some of them are quite good looking, so for your eyes too). It’s a bit like The X Factor but it’s not on TV…and they don’t get through to the next round. IT’S TIME… TO FACE… THE COVER!

This week, we feature The Future Kicks, a five-piece boyband from London who have already garnered over 3,500 Twitter followers and have been showcasing their talents for over a year now, posting a total of eight covers and have also treated us to two original songs!

Today we are bringing your attention to their latest cover, a version of Katy Perry’s ‘Roar’. We always wondered what this song would sound like when performed by a hot, up and coming boyband and here we have it! The answer is that actually, it sounds pretty amazing and maybe, just maybe, even slightly better than the original (sorry Katy!)

The video that accompanies this cover is set on top of a building and shows the boys performing against a night-time London skyline. It comically opens with band frontman Zen parodying the MGM movie intro (you know the one with the lion roaring?) to fit in with theme of the song.

The cover brings a brand new lease of life to the song that is becoming a hit all over the world. Perhaps it’s only a matter of time before we see The Future Kicks making hits themselves?

If you have any suggestions for a future Cover Corner suggest it on Twitter by mentioning @maximumpop and using #MPCoverCorner.

Check out The Future Kicks’ rendition of ‘Roar’ below:

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