11 hilarious Mark Ferris videos that will brighten up your day including Mark in a dress and a seagull attack

Mark Ferris is the latest MP! columnist and what better way to share his adorable personality than to show you his top notch videos. If you’re looking for a chuckle, you’ve come to the right place.


If you’re not familiar with Mark, he’s an up-and-coming YouTuber who is BFFs with Zoella (and us). He is a literal ray of sunshine so you’re guaranteed a laugh whenever you watch this videos, here’s our favourite 11.

1) We couldn’t start the list without Mark and Zoe’s ‘Two Truths, One Lie’, you’ll laugh so hard your stomach hurts.

2) Mark got a bit wild in The Wanted’s music video, the police had a word with him!

3) We lost it at the first dare tbh

4) It may not be Christmas anymore but this will bring a lot of joy

5) 10/10 for that Tyler Impression, it gave us a right giggle

6) We’re sorry you had to experience this Mark but we just love your ‘Storytime’ videos so much!

7) Face on fleek, those sweets must have been super sour

8) Mark and Zoe’s videos are guaranteed to make you laugh, this one’s a winner

9) Charlotte should definitely pop into Mark’s videos more, they’re a hilarious duo

10) That booty pose though

11) We had to end it on this daily vlog, it’s a right chuckle and he should film them more often

Which of those was your favourite Mark video, or didn’t we include it? Let us know on Twitter @maximumpop. We found it so hard to narrow it down, he is a comical genius.

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