‘Funny Girl’ is the new West End show every musical theatre geek needs to see

The Savoy Theatre in London’s West End is the new home of ‘Funny Girl’. We popped ourselves down to see it on Thursday evening and we can exclusively reveal… We loved it! It’s been getting rave reviews, and we can’t say we’re surprised!


Here’s five reasons why you need to get tickets to ‘Funny Girl’ ASAP.

1) It’s funny (of course)

The title of this show is definitely not misleading. ‘Funny Girl’ is packed with hilarious lyrics and lines.

2) It’s inspiring

‘Funny Girl’ is the story of Fanny, an aspiring singer who succeeds despite being told she’s not pretty enough. She proves that with talent and hard work you can overcome any obstacles, even in the tough world of showbusiness.


3) The cast is amazing

Sheridan Smith is the shining star of the show, but everyone on stage is bursting with talent, and perfect for the roles they’ve been chosen to play. We especially loved ex-pop star Darius (known for this classic reality TV moment) as Fanny’s suave love interest.

4) It’s full of catchy tunes

The songs in ‘Funny Girl’ will have you singing along, even if you’ve never seen the musical or the film before. You’ll probably recognise the most famous number, ‘Don’t Rain On My Parade’, and ‘Glee’ fans will defo remember Rachel performing some of the songs from ‘Funny Girl’ throughout the series!


5) It’s a classic

Sheridan’s emotional encore proved how proud she was to be performing the lead role in one of the best loved musicals of all time. If you’re a fan of newer shows like ‘Wicked’ and ‘The Book of Mormon,’ this is the perfect opportunity to discover another side of musical theatre, which is just as fun and entertaining.

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