Cinderella is hitting the shops soon and we’ve got an adorable Frozen Fever clip for you.

Disney make the best movies ever right? From The Lion King to Beauty & The Beast and Snow White.

cinderella 2015 walt disney still screencaps exito taquilla cenicienta live actionOoo, look at those sparkles in her hair.

Well our bae Cinderella is ready to hit the stores soon on DVD! If you don’t know the story of Cinderella we’ll give you a quick summary. The story follows Ella, a poor maiden who is treated as a slave in her own home by the evil stepmother and her 2 daughters but then finds true love; you probably already knew this. The live action DVD that is coming out on the 24th of August takes on the classic tale in its own way, with a unique twist.

That’s not the best thing about the movie though, the DVD will have a short film on it, Frozen Fever. As if we couldn’t get enough of Olaf, we’re getting even more of him.


Who doesn’t love this squishy little snowman, don’t you just wanna give him a warm hug?

This isn’t all Disney has treated us to, they’ve uploaded a behind the scenes clip from ‘Frozen Fever’ onto YouTube, so now we can see how they made this little masterpiece.


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